Who We Are

Bringing decades of experience working across public and private sectors, we collaborate with clients to help them successfully navigate the constant change taking place in their industry.

LinkLabs OÜ is a global professional services firm that collaborates with clients to put possible into practice by creating sound strategies, optimizing operations, accelerating digital transformation, and empowering businesses and their people to own their future. By embracing diverse perspectives, encouraging new ideas, and challenging the status quo, we create sustainable results for the organizations we serve.

Our people and values-driven culture set us apart. Our diverse team of experts come from the industries we serve and understand the complexities of your business. Combined with our strategic, operational, technical and cultural expertise, we collaborate across our businesses to help you imagine the future and transform for tomorrow.

Our values and culture serve as the foundation of who we are, influencing the way we work with our colleagues, support our clients, impact the environment and give back to our communities. We are committed to investing in our people and fostering a work environment that values diversity and inclusion, which ignites innovation and enables our people to achieve their full potential.

At LinkLabs, we are committed to creating and maintaining a work environment that values and fosters diversity and inclusion. Our ability to attract, retain and develop exceptional professionals with diverse backgrounds and life experiences helps us bring more innovative and creative solutions to bear as we work with our clients and grow our business, creating new opportunities for all.

To power every human decision in the enterprise so the human mind can be free to imagine audacious possibilities that can transform human life across the planet.

To reshape business through science and advanced data tools and uncomplicate decision making, so human intelligence can be freed from the drudgery of monotonous work and committed to the pursuit of imagination and creative rewards.

It’s both a statement of intent and a constant challenge to each other - it’s the ultimate metric against which we continuously measure ourselves. It’s the common code in every LinkLabs leader and the thing that, together, makes us LinkLabs.

Client first
Always do what's bestfor the client.
We always put the client first. We make their success, our priority. We free their imagination and help them bring bold, audacious ideas to life. We sacrifice our own interest in the short term to create long-term value for our clients and for ourselves. We put our clients ahead of our company, our company ahead of our team, and our team ahead of ourselves.

Learn and grow
Nurture and grow exceptional professionals.
We nurture and grow exceptional professionals. We encourage continuous learning to ensure the personal and professional growth of our people, our clients, and our stakeholders. We hire people for their passion to grow and learn, and not just for their current skills. We support each other in reaching our potential and becoming the best version of ourselves.

Think big, act fast
Challenge the status quo and execute with speed.
We challenge the status quo. We question conventional wisdom. We think up ideas that excite and amaze. We make them happen fast. We own our failures, learn from them and adapt rapidly. We are scientists, we are entrepreneurs, we are architects of a new human-first world where AI is embedded everywhere. We use the power of AI to transform ourselves, our clients and the world.

Extend extreme
Trust and be accountable
Assume positive intent of others and hold each other accountable We assume positive intent on the part of clients, colleagues and other business partners – by giving each other the benefit of doubt and reaffirming our trust in them. We aspire to build enduring relationships and a culture of collaboration. We mentor, teach and nudge each other to demonstrate ideal behavior, and hold each other accountable.

What We Do

Bringing new efficiencies to the heart of your business


We help our clients harness the power of data and artificial intelligence, modernize core technology and capitalize on new technology, optimize and automate operations, fuel digital growth, create stunning digital experiences, and build digital talent and culture.

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Web 3.0 blockchain

Transparent yet secure, scalable yet flexible, affordable and 10 million times more energy-efficient than early blockchains, the LinkLabs Blockchain is the ultimate tool for maximizing the value of impact.

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Multimedia Solutions

We build and deliver customized media player for mobile and web platforms that can play most media formats for your streaming needs. We also provide industry standard media streaming and encryption development services.

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Be it web 2.0 or web 3.0, we have a browser that can fit your need. We have built customized web browser based on chromium platform that can be used out of the box for your business needs.

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Embedded OS

A highly secure and scalable embedded operating system for running mission-critical applications. Built for arm and x86 based architetures and can be customized to suit the applications.

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We love apps, we build, we innovate and we inspire. We are a b2b mobile app solution provider and we take pride in building exception mobile applications.

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We develop cusotmized web applications based on business needs. You pick the technology stack and we will build for you.

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Analytics is at the core of what we do. We build apps, solutions keeping analytics in mind and we provide customized analytics for every soltuion we build.

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